NeverNull GmbH

Our small but powerful team consists of all-round talents. The diverse skill sets complement each other wonderfully and combined with the friendly environment it allows us to create future technologies.


Values & Culture

Communication is Key

To understand each other and to understand our customers’ requirements forms the basis for our marvellous work and technology. We are considerate (attentive) , vigilant and mindful, to generate intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction.

Team First

We work as a family. Individual needs are important and everyone’s unique abilities will be integrated into our team. We are ambitious to produce technology to the highest standard, therefore we need to work alongside each other.

Customer Commitment

Building the most perfect software, means to know our customers specific needs and the individuals working with our software. Working closely together allows us to adapt and react fast and pinpoint (or accurate).


Code smarter, not harder. Making it simple for everyone to use our products and making it simple for ourselves to grow and build up on a solid code base is of utmost importance to us. We prefer saving time and energy and focus on progress.


Getting it right, the first time. We value quality and believe it improves productivity in the long run.

Straightforward and open minded

Keepin’ it real! We love being honest, authentic and straightforward with our team members and business partners. Keeping an open mind allows us to adapt rapidly in the fast changing environment we live in.